I, me and Myself

Ramasswamy V is a student pursuing his post-graduate diploma in PMIR, at XLRI Jamshedpur.  He will  identify himself as one who is passionate about cricket, politics, writing and whose funny bone gets easily tickled by the ludicrious.  He is not your sophisticated kind and feels home in the company of normal people- ordinary Indians.

His close friends refer to him as  Maska, Butter-Swamy, PC etc. for various reasons- good and naughty. This blog is an honest attempt by him to gauge his writing skills at humour and sarcasm in various topics. AMEN !


2 Responses

  1. Maska, keep it up. Was going through few of the articles. First thing that casme to my mind is how did you get time to write such fantastic stories. Really, they were awsome. Keep blogging so that some day you come out with your book and keep the tradition of PMIR batches.

    • Thanks Arun 🙂 ..when u r passionate abt something, time is not an issue..
      infact there are lots more written.. they ve not yet been published.. ve got some plans..lets c.. how they work out..
      Inshaah Allah..

      btw thnk u nd KC for my nickname ‘maska’.. i m beginning to like it. n got a decent name for my blog as well..

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